Puzzle Problem for Some Safari Users

Update: Apple has now fixed the problem described on this page. If you are still seeing the problem, then you should be able to resolve it by updating to the latest available release of macOS. Apple recently released macOS update Monterey 12.6 which includes a new release of the Safari web browser (version 16.0). Unfortunately, […]

Chrome and Edge Drop Hardware Acceleration for Older Computers

Chrome version 86 is being deployed this week and many users on older computers and mobile devices are now reporting problems with jigsaw puzzle pieces moving sluggishly. Many Edge browser users are affected as well because Microsoft’s Edge browser now uses the same browser engine as the Chrome browser. The problem is happening because Chrome […]

Multiplayer Jigsaw Puzzles are Now Supported

Jigsaw Explorer now provides support for multiplayer jigsaw puzzles. Collaborate with friends and family over the internet to assemble any jigsaw puzzle at Jigsaw Explorer. Read more…

Jigsaw Explorer’s Platform is Now Available to All Websites

Jigsaw Explorer has now opened its jigsaw puzzle platform for use by other websites! Many organizations have been looking for ways to enhance their websites to provide a more engaging experience to meet the recent surge in demand for online entertainment. The extraordinary demand for entertainment is a direct result of the many stay-at-home orders […]

Puzzle Player Display Problems

A problem occurred with the jigsaw puzzle player program yesterday (June 7) which has caused some people to see strange problems with the display of the puzzle player. The problem is fixed now (except for a cosmetic issue of toolbar buttons not being centered on mobile, but that will be fixed soon). However, some people are […]

Problem for Chrome users on Old PCs

Jigsaw Explorer users who use the Chrome web browser on old PCs have recently started reporting problems with our jigsaw puzzles. The most common problem reported is the puzzle pieces are hard to move or will not move at all. In other cases, certain features, such as the “Edge Pieces Only” feature, do not work. The […]

Chrome Drops Silverlight Support

Silverlight on Chrome is Gone The Chrome web browser has now dropped support for the Silverlight plug-in as of Chrome version 45, as expected. Chrome v45 has been released and for many people the upgrade to the new version is automatic. Chrome users who play a jigsaw puzzle at Jigsaw Explorer are now automatically directed […]

More News About the Chrome Browser and Silverlight

As mentioned in our previous news item, Google’s Chrome web browser has recently made it a bit more difficult to activate the Silverlight web browser plug-in that Jigsaw Explorer depends on to power its jigsaw puzzles. More recently, when you load a jigsaw puzzle, the Chrome browser has started displaying a message stating Silverlight will […]

Chrome Browser Change Affects Silverlight

This news only affects users of Google’s Chrome web browser: The Chrome web browser began updating to version 42 on Tuesday, April 14. Chrome version 42 includes a change that disables the Silverlight web browser plug-in Jigsaw Explorer depends on. So, when you upgrade to version 42 and then attempt to play a jigsaw puzzle […]

JIgsaw Puzzle Creation Page is Now Enhanced

Our Create a jigsaw puzzle page allows you to create your own jigsaw puzzles using images stored on the web. However, until now, Jigsaw Explorer could not create a working jigsaw puzzle from a web photo whose address started with https, rather than http. That’s because the Jigsaw Explorer web site did not support the […]