About Jigsaw Explorer

Welcome! Jigsaw Explorer was created with the intent of providing jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts with a great selection of high quality, family friendly online jigsaw puzzles. We have thousands of hand picked puzzles available and new puzzles being added every day.

In addition to our regular jigsaw puzzles, we also present a special mystery puzzle each Friday for your enjoyment. We show only a portion of the mystery puzzle’s full puzzle subject in the preview picture. You must complete the puzzle to reveal the full photo! The Friday mystery puzzle is a fun, interesting challenge we hope you will enjoy. You can find the current Friday mystery puzzle on our home page, and you can also catch up on our previous mystery puzzles.

But there’s more to excellent online jigsaw puzzles than great photos. A first class jigsaw puzzle software program is needed as well. We believe this is where Jigsaw Explorer really shines. Our jigsaw puzzle program is based on HTML5/WebGL technology and is packed with great features such as:

  • Full screen display
  • A wide choice when selecting the number of puzzle pieces for a puzzle
  • Jigsaw puzzle progress is saved automatically so you can return later to an unfinished puzzle and complete it
  • The ability to display only the edge pieces
  • The ability to easily move multiple pieces with the capture & release feature
  • Rotatable puzzle pieces
  • Multiplayer mode so you can collaborate on a puzzle with family and friends
  • The ability to open any photo directly from your hard drive as a jigsaw puzzle

You can also create custom jigsaw puzzles based on your own photos that can be easily shared with family and friends via email and social media.

The attractive presentation of our jigsaw puzzles is the result of a puzzle program whose display has been carefully refined. We have also paid close attention to the small details necessary to ensure that using our puzzle program results in a truly pleasurable jigsaw puzzle experience. We continue to refine our puzzle program and we are interested to hear any comments and suggestions you may have.

Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you will return often to enjoy our online jigsaw puzzles!