Privacy Policy

Email Addresses

You may choose to provide your email address to be notified of specific events, such as the release of Jigsaw Explorer mobile apps. We do not share these email addresses with anyone outside of Jigsaw Explorer. The exception is the SendLoop email service which we use to implement our email lists. See the SendLoop privacy policy.


Jigsaw Explorer uses Google Analytics to measure its website traffic and to help determine what ads to display. Google Analytics stores cookies through the Jigsaw Explorer website as part of its implementation. You can find detailed information about Google Analytics’ use of cookies on the Google Partners page and on the Google Privacy Policy┬ápage.

Jigsaw Explorer also uses cookies to store your jigsaw puzzle data. This data is primarily used to save puzzle progress so you can return to unfinished puzzles at a later time. The puzzle data does not contain personal information and does not leave your browser unless transmitted as part of an error report (see next section).

Error Reports

In rare instances Jigsaw Explorer’s puzzle player might encounter an error caused by a bug in the browser, in a browser plug-in, or in the puzzle player program itself. In those instances the puzzle program automatically sends an error report to our Support personnel who then examine the report and use the information it contains to determine the cause of the error and apply a fix to the puzzle program if needed. The error report contains information such as computer operating system version, browser brand and version, and log information showing the type and code location of the error as well as information regarding the state of the puzzle program leading up to the error. The report also contains the computer’s IP address which helps Support determine if a group of error reports all came from a single device. Other than the IP address, the error report contains no information that could be considered personally identifying. Error reports are deleted once the error has been resolved. The data contained in the error reports is not shared with anyone outside of Jigsaw Explorer.


Updated: September 27, 2017

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