Email Addresses

You may choose to provide your email address to be notified of one or more of the following events: 1) posting of new jigsaw puzzles, 2) posting of Jigsaw Explorer news items, and 3) changes to this privacy policy or the custom jigsaw puzzles terms of use policy. Collected email addresses will only be used for the stated notification purpose for which they were provided. We do not share these email addresses with anyone outside of Jigsaw Explorer and MailerLite (unless they were to be requested by law enforcement). MailerLite is the email service we use to implement our email lists. See the MailerLite privacy policy for more information. If you wish to have your email address removed from our lists then send us an email at .

If you communicate with us by email then your email, including the reply-to email address, will reside within our Microsoft 365 Outlook email account. The reply-to email address will only be used to reply to email inquiries and will not be shared outside of Jigsaw Explorer and Microsoft (unless requested by law enforcement). See Microsoft's privacy statement for more information.

IP Addresses

The network infrastructure used to serve the web traffic flowing through the Jigsaw Explorer website is provided by Digital Ocean (policies), Cloudflare (privacy policy), and Exit Games (privacy policy). As part of Jigsaw Explorer's operations, IP addresses of Jigsaw Explorer's web traffic is monitored and temporarily stored in order to provide efficient, reliable, and secure performance of Jigsaw Explorer's infrastructure. Jigsaw Explorer does not use IP addresses for other purposes, or share IP addresses with other entities, unless requested by law enforcement.

Jigsaw Explorer also uses IP addresses related to the display of advertisements on its website. Click the link in the "Advertising" section further below for additional information.


Jigsaw Explorer uses first-party cookies to record your jigsaw puzzle data. This data is used to restore unfinished puzzle progress, game preferences, and other data directly related to Jigsaw Explorer's puzzle game. This data does not contain personally identifiable information, other than it stores the nickname you used if you played a puzzle in multiplayer mode (so the name doesn't have to be retyped each game).

Jigsaw Explorer uses Google Analytics to measure its website traffic. Google Analytics stores first-party cookies through the Jigsaw Explorer website as part of its implementation. Note that Google Analytic's cookies do not contain personally identifiable information. You can find detailed information about Google Analytics' use of cookies on the Google Partners page and on the Google Privacy Policy page.

Jigsaw Explorer also uses cookies related to the display of advertisements on its website. Click the link in the "Advertising" section further below for additional information.

Error Reports

Occasionally, Jigsaw Explorer's puzzle program might encounter an error caused by a bug in the browser, in a browser plug-in, or in the puzzle program itself. In those instances, the puzzle program automatically sends error data in the background to the RayGun error tracking service. Our Support personnel can then examine the resulting error report and use the information it contains to determine the cause of the error and apply a fix to the puzzle program, if needed.

Error reports contain information such as computer operating system version, browser brand and version, log information showing the type and code location of the error, and information regarding state changes in the puzzle program leading up to the error. The error reports contain no personally identifiable information other than an anonymized ID used to correlate multiple errors from the same user. Error report data is retained for 180 days and then deleted. See RayGun's privacy policy for more information.


Jigsaw Explorer is affiliated with CMI Marketing, Inc., d/b/a Raptive (“Raptive”) for the purposes of placing advertising on Jigsaw Explorer's website, and Raptive will collect and use certain data for advertising purposes. To learn more about Raptive's data usage, click here:

Note that advertisements are not displayed for Jigsaw Explorer's custom jigsaw puzzles. This means that use of links to custom jigsaw puzzles, or the embedding of custom jigsaw puzzles, in a website outside of Jigsaw Explorer will not lead to advertising relating cookies being stored due to a website visitor's use of the custom jigsaw puzzle.

Updated: July 14, 2023

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