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Having Trouble with Silverlight?

Note to Chrome Users: The Chrome web browser does not support Silverlight, so Chrome users are directed our new HTML5 puzzle player program and can ignore the Silverlight information below.

A tip about Chrome: If you notice the puzzle pieces seem sluggish when moving them then you may need to enable your web browser's hardware acceleration feature.

Windows PC: If you are experiencing problems trying to run or install Silverlight on a Windows PC then either Silverlight needs to be enabled or else you may have a broken Silverlight installation that needs to be removed. Check our Silverlight Eraser page for the solution.

Mac OS X Mavericks and above: OS X Mavericks introduced changes that can cause problems for Silverlight. If you are experiencing problems then the following steps should allow Silverlight to work properly in the Safari web browser:

  1. Go to to ensure you have the latest version of Microsoft's Silverlight web browser plug-in installed.
  2. In Safari, go to Safari Preferences > Advanced and disable setting "Stop plug-ins to save power".
  3. In Safari, go to Safari Preferences > Security > Internet plug-ins > Manage web settings > Silverlight. Enable setting "Always allow" and enable setting "Run in unsafe mode" for