How to Ensure Hardware Acceleration is Enabled

Do Jigsaw Explorer’s jigsaw puzzle pieces feel sluggish when you move them around the screen? If so, it may mean your web browser’s hardware acceleration feature needs to be enabled. If you’re using an old computer or mobile device then it may also mean a recent update to your web browser has dropped hardware acceleration support for your computer model. Here is how to enable hardware acceleration for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer:


Note that Chrome does not support hardware acceleration for Windows XP or Windows Vista. So, if you are using Windows XP or Vista then you will likely enjoy a better puzzle experience with a different web browser.

  1. Go to the Chrome settings page by entering chrome://settings in the address bar and press the Enter key.

    Chrome Options Page

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Chrome settings page and click the Advanced button.

    Chrome Advanced Settings

  3. Scroll down to the System settings  (near the bottom of the page) and ensure setting Use hardware acceleration when available is enabled.

    Chrome Hardware Acceleration
  4. Restart Chrome.

  1. Bring up Safari’s Preferences window.

    Safari Preferences

  2. Select the Security tab and enable the Allow WebGL setting.

    Safari Hardware Acceleration


Click the Menu button and then the Options button:

Firefox Options button

Then click “Advanced” and ensure the Use hardware acceleration when available option is enabled:

Firefox hardware acceleration option

If that does not correct the problem then follow these additional steps:

  1. Go to the Firefox configuration page by entering about:config in the address bar and press the Enter key.
  2. Enter webgl.disabled in the Search box to find the webgl.disabled setting.
  3. Ensure the webgl.disabled setting is set to false. The value can be changed by double clicking the setting.

    Firefox hardware acceleration

Internet Explorer
  1. Click the Tools button near the upper right corner of the Internet Explorer program window and select Internet Options from the menu that appears.

    IE Tools Menu

  2. Select the Advanced tab and ensure the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering checkbox is not enabled (i.e., leave the checkbox unchecked).

    IE Hardware Acceleration


If You Have an Older Computer…

If you have enabled hardware acceleration and the puzzle pieces still move sluggishly then your web browser may no longer provide hardware acceleration support for your computer model or mobile device. The major web browsers periodically drop hardware acceleration support for old computer models and mobile devices. They do this so they can provide better support for newer graphics hardware features, and sometimes they do it for security reasons. So, if the puzzle pieces have suddenly become sluggish on your older computer after your web browser updated itself then this is the likely cause.

Solution:¬†The problem can be resolved either by upgrading your old computer or mobile device to a new model, or by playing the jigsaw puzzles in a different browser. Keep in mind that all of the major browsers (except IE) eventually drop hardware acceleration support for old computers. Internet Explorer is the exception and will probably always support hardware acceleration for old hardware. We do not normally recommend using Internet Explorer, and neither does Microsoft, but it may be the only browser that can run Jigsaw Explorer’s puzzles smoothly on your old computer.

Note that the easiest way to find Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is to click the Windows Start button, type “ie” (without the quotes), and press the Enter key. If the puzzles are sluggish in Internet Explorer then check its hardware acceleration setting as explained further above.