What is WebGL?

WebGL is a graphics technology built into all of the major web browsers. Many advanced web-based games, including Jigsaw Explorer, use WebGL to provide enhanced game visuals and performance. WebGL makes superior web-based games possible by providing the game’s software with direct access to the computer’s graphics hardware in a secure manner.

Why Would WebGL Suddenly Stop Working?

Occasionally, a web browser vendor will drop WebGL support for old computer models when updating their browser’s software. Web browser software is normally updated automatically without your awareness. Dropping WebGL support for old computers allows web browsers to be updated with new WebGL capabilities that are not supported by the outdated graphics hardware in those old computers. When this happens to an old computer, Jigsaw Explorer’s puzzles stop working for that particular web browser on that particular computer model.

Go to the WebGL test page to confirm whether WebGL is still working for the computer and web browser you are currently using. If you see a spinning cube displayed on that page then WebGL is working, otherwise it is not.

How Can WebGL Be Restored?

If your computer is a Windows PC using Windows 8 or below, then you can play Jigsaw Explorer’s puzzles in Windows’ Internet Explorer web browser. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer for any other purpose since that browser is no longer being updated, and it is no longer secure!

If your computer is a Windows 10 PC, then you can try playing the puzzles in Microsoft’s Edge web browser. If the puzzles do not work in the Edge browser then contact Jigsaw Explorer Support and we may be able to help you tweak the Edge browser’s settings so WebGL will start working again.

The best solution for restoring WebGL support is to upgrade to a new computer, since your computer’s old graphics hardware is the source of the problem. A less expensive solution for desktop PCs is to have a computer technician install a new graphics card. Note that an expensive high-end graphics card is not required since any capable modern card will solve the issue.