Please Help Stop SOPA!

Imagine giving music and movie moguls the power to shut down any web site without warning if they think the site contains a link to pirated content. For example, a TV network could shut down YouTube if anyone uploads a video of an¬†unauthorized clip from a television show, even though YouTube tries to remove all […]

News: Saved File Bug Fix

There has been a recent problem with the ability to open previously saved jigsaw puzzles. The problem is now fixed, and you should be able to properly open and continue any jigsaw puzzle files you have previously saved. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please report any further problems you may encounter.

News: Jigaw Explorer Has New Features

Jigsaw Explorer’s jigsaw puzzle engine has now been updated with new features and enhancements…

News: Jigsaw Explorer has been Updated

The Jigsaw Explorer jigsaw puzzle player has been updated. A number of enhancements have been added, but the main feature introduced in this update is the ability to save jigsaw puzzles in progress so they can be continued at a later time. This feature will significantly increase the enjoyment of the jigsaw puzzles since you […]

News: Jigsaw Explorer is Now Open!

Jigsaw Explorer is now open to the public and ready for use! Please read the About page for more information. Watch the News section to learn about new features as they are being added.