News: Jigsaw Explorer has been Updated

The Jigsaw Explorer jigsaw puzzle player has been updated. A number of enhancements have been added, but the main feature introduced in this update is the ability to save jigsaw puzzles in progress so they can be continued at a later time. This feature will significantly increase the enjoyment of the jigsaw puzzles since you can now divide the puzzles into more pieces without worrying about whether you will have time to finish them.

Another change worth mentioning is an enhancement to the “Edges Only” feature. When you turn on “Edges Only” and then turn it back off, all of the loose puzzle pieces will rise to the top over any joined sections of pieces. This is a quick handy method of revealing loose pieces hidden behind larger joined sections.

We hope you will enjoy these enhancements! We have many more changes planned for the months ahead, and we hope you will continue to enjoy our jigsaw puzzles as Jigsaw Explorer continues to grow. Feel free to send us any comments, suggestions, or bug reports.