Please Help Stop SOPA!

Imagine giving music and movie moguls the power to shut down any web site without warning if they think the site contains a link to pirated content. For example, a TV network could shut down YouTube if anyone uploads a video of an unauthorized clip from a television show, even though YouTube tries to remove all unauthorized videos. It sounds far fetched, but incredibly, there are two legislative bills going through the US Congress right now (SOPA and PIPA) that would make such a scenario possible. Many web sites, including Jigsaw Explorer, will be affected by this legislation. The bills are also designed to change how the Internet works in fundamental ways there are of great detriment to everyone. Stopping online piracy is a good thing, but censorship of the Internet is the wrong way to accomplish that goal.

Thousands of web sites, including Google, Wikipedia, and Flickr have joined in this campaign to stop Internet censorship. Please, take a minute to go to today to let your congressman and senators know that you do not want them messing with your Internet!