Create Shareable Jigsaw Puzzles

Earlier this month we announced the ability to open your own photos as jigsaw puzzles. That was actually the first part of a two part effort. Today, we unveil the second half of this effort by introducing the ability to create your own online jigsaw puzzles that can be shared with friends and family. You can now create your own puzzles simply by providing the web address of any photo you already have on the web (e.g., a Facebook photo, Flickr photo, DropBox photo, etc).

Note that you do not need to upload your photo to Jigsaw Explorer since we do not copy it or store it. Our jigsaw puzzle player simply accesses your photo at its web location and displays it as a jigsaw puzzle. This new service is free and does not require registration, logging in, or other hassles. Any puzzle you create can be shared with friends and family by sending them the puzzle’s web address. We do not publish your puzzles on our site, or otherwise distribute them, so they are private to you and whoever you choose to share them with.

See the feature’s help page for more information. We hope you enjoy this new feature, and if you have any questions let us know.