Puzzle Player Display Problems

A problem occurred with the jigsaw puzzle player program yesterday (June 7) which has caused some people to see strange problems with the display of the puzzle player. The problem is fixed now (except for a cosmetic issue of toolbar buttons not being centered on mobile, but that will be fixed soon). However, some people are still seeing the display problems because their browser has not loaded the latest version of the puzzle player program which includes the fix. If you are still seeing a display problem then you can force your browser to load the latest version of the puzzle player as follows:

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on PCs and Macs: Click the Reload button while pressing the Shift key.

Internet Explorer and Edge: Click the Refresh button while pressing the Ctrl key.

Chrome on iPhone, iPad, and Android: Click the menu button (rightmost button on Chrome’s toolbar), scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap Settings, tap Privacy, scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap Clear browsing data,  tap Clear Data.

Safari on iPhone and iPad: Go to the iPhone/iPad Settings panel and select Safari in the left column, scroll to the bottom of Safari’s settings on the right side and tap Clear History and Website Data, tap Clear when prompted.

If that does not resolve the issue then please contact Support.