JIgsaw Puzzle Creation Page is Now Enhanced

Our Create a jigsaw puzzle page allows you to create your own jigsaw puzzles using images stored on the web. However, until now, Jigsaw Explorer could not create a working jigsaw puzzle from a web photo whose address started with https, rather than http. That’s because the Jigsaw Explorer web site did not support the SSL technology on which https addresses are based. This limitation was becoming a greater problem as more of the web sites people use to store their photos have moved towards assigning https addresses to those photos.

Jigsaw Explorer has now addressed this issue by providing SSL support. As a result, Jigsaw Explorer’s “Create a jigsaw puzzle” page can now be used to create a jigsaw puzzle from almost any image found on the web. Bottom line: If you have had trouble in the past with creating a working jigsaw puzzle with the “Create a jigsaw puzzle” page then give it another try. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any problems.