Multiplayer Jigsaw Puzzles are Now Supported

Jigsaw Explorer now provides support for multiplayer jigsaw puzzles. This means friends and family can collaborate together on the assembly of the same jigsaw puzzle at the same time over the internet. Each player participating in a multiplayer jigsaw puzzle game can see the puzzle piece movements of the other participating players on their screen in real-time. This ability to collaborate on a jigsaw puzzle with other players adds an exciting new dimension to jigsaw puzzle play!

Any jigsaw puzzle at Jigsaw Explorer, including any custom jigsaw puzzle, can be played as a multiplayer game. When you choose to switch a puzzle to multiplayer mode you are provided with a web link for the game that can then be shared with friends and family via email, social media, etc. A recipient of your game link simply clicks the link to join your jigsaw puzzle game.

Read more about multiplayer mode and give it a try!