Help with Creating Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Explorer makes it easy to create online jigsaw puzzles you can share with friends and family!

No Registration, No Uploading

No registration, login, or passwords are required to create your own jigsaw puzzles at Jigsaw Explorer. Just enter the web address of your JPG photo, click the Create button, and your puzzle is ready.

You do not need to worry about uploading your photo to our website because we do not store or copy your photo. Nor do we use, publish, or distribute the image link or resulting puzzle. It's your jigsaw puzzle and only you will decide who it will be shared with.

Sharing Your Puzzle

When your jigsaw puzzle is created you will be provided with a web address for the puzzle. The puzzle's web address can be easily shared with family and friends via e-mail, tweets, Facebook, etc. The puzzles can be played on PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones.

JPG Photo Address

The puzzle creator tool requires the URL (web address) of the photo you want to use as a jigsaw puzzle. The photo must be a JPG photo located somewhere on the web. A couple of examples of places where you can store photos free of charge are (instructions for obtaining Facebook photo URLs) and (instructions for obtaining Imgur photo URLs). Note that many file and photo storage sites, such as DropBox, no longer allow photos to be directly accessed by URL, so they cannot be used for creating jigsaw puzzles.

Credit Line

The optional credit line can be any text you wish. It is automatically displayed when the jigsaw puzzle is completed. The credit line can also be displayed by going to Help > Credit in the jigsaw puzzle player. The credit line can be a maximum of 120 characters in length. However, if you enter more characters than will visibly fit in the credit line input field then the credit line may be truncated when displayed in the jigsaw puzzle player.

Credit URL

The optional credit URL can be the address of any web page you wish. For example, you might use the address of a Facebook post about the photo. Providing a credit URL makes the credit line clickable when it is displayed in the jigsaw puzzle player. Clicking the credit line will cause the web browser to open the web page pointed to by the credit URL.

Removing a Puzzle

A created jigsaw puzzle link can not be deleted. However, you can delete, rename, or relocate the JPG photo referenced by the puzzle, which will make the jigsaw puzzle unusable.

Commercial Use

The Jigsaw Explorer jigsaw puzzle creator may be used to create jigsaw puzzles for commercial purposes. You may create as many jigsaw puzzles as you wish and use them to entertain visitors on any website. The jigsaw puzzles you create will not expire.

We plan to offer white label licensing of our jigsaw puzzle player software at a future date. The white label version will contain no references to Jigsaw Explorer and you will be able to use your own website domain for the puzzle player. In addition, mobile app versions of our jigsaw puzzle player will also be available for white label licensing.

If you would like to be notified when Jigsaw Explorer's white label licensing becomes available then please provide your email address by clicking the following button:

    Notify me

Note that your email address will only be used to send you notification concerning the availability of Jigsaw Explorer's white label licensing. Contact us if you have any questions.