Toucan Jigsaw Puzzle

Toucan Jigsaw Puzzle

The grape eating toucan in this jigsaw puzzle is in a Dutch zoo in the city of Rotterdam. Most of the world’s toucans, however, are found in jungles. Their jungle habit means they rarely have to fly long distances. This fact accounts for their short wings. Toucans can range in size from less than a foot tall to almost two and a half feet tall. Their beak is certainly their defining characteristic, and it is often as long as half of their body length. A toucan has very colorful markings, and with rare exceptions, these markings do not serve to distinguish their gender.

This puzzle has been completed ...... times.

Jigsaw puzzle subject image credit: Special thanks to Linda for making the photograph used for this jigsaw puzzle available through the Creative Commons Attribution license. Visit Linda's Flickr photostream.

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