Barn and Tractor Jigsaw Puzzle

Barn and Tractor Jigsaw Puzzle

Old red is an old Massey Harris farm tractor sitting on top of a hill next to an equally old red barn in Alberta, Canada.  Both these items were at one time the pride of the farm but both have paid the toll of time.  Red’s paint job is faded and started to rust.  His hood is missing.  Has companion the barn is also faded, the wooden shingles had started to leak the farmer had covered the roof with green roofing.  This to have suffered the ravages of time and now the shingles have started to blow away as well.  This jigsaw puzzle begs the question “Has the same fate fallen the farmer?”

This puzzle has been completed ...... times.

Jigsaw puzzle subject image credit: Special thanks to Hugh Lee for making the photograph used for this jigsaw puzzle available through the Creative Commons Attribution ShareALike license. Visit Hugh Lee's Flickr photostream.

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