1954 Packard Caribbean Jigsaw Puzzle

1954 Packard Caribbean Jigsaw Puzzle

The 1954 Packard Caribbean Convertible, as shown in this jigsaw puzzle, is a classic car with plenty of style. When it is fully restored into its past glory, it can fit in well with any prestigious car collection. It has rounded panels and distinctive lines that are very strong. Many of the Packard cars came with bold white wall tires that really made the vehicle stand out. Some of the interiors included red carpeting and red leather seats, which really defined the attitude of the 50s when it came to car style and design. Most of the vehicles had two color tones on the exterior with one main color accented by a second color on the trunk.

This puzzle has been completed ...... times.

Jigsaw puzzle subject image credit: Special thanks to Alden Jewell for making the photograph used for this jigsaw puzzle available through the Creative Commons Attribution license. Visit Alden Jewell's Flickr photostream.

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