Facebook Like Button Disappearance

For many of our website visitors, the Facebook "Like" buttons disappeared from Jigsaw Explorer's puzzle description pages beginning February 3rd or 4th, 2021. Windows PC and Android users are the people mainly affected, although Mac Chrome users are affected as well. The Like buttons are visible to anyone who is not logged into Facebook, but the Like buttons disappear in the affected browsers for people who are logged into Facebook. But even in the cases where logged-in Facebook users can see the Like buttons, the Like button is broken for many users (i.e., Facebook does not actually mark the puzzle page as Liked and the Like count is not incremented).

The problem appears to originate at Facebook. We have filed a bug report with Facebook and they have escalated the report to the appropriate internal team. However, we have not been given an estimate on when the problem will be fixed. The Facebook website indicates 91% of bug reports are resolved within 30 days, which would mean a 91% chance of resolving this issue by March 7.

Note to other website owners: If you have found this page via Google because you represent a website that is experiencing this same problem then we encourage you to file a bug report with Facebook and reference our bug report. That will help Facebook to know that multiple sites are affected by the same problem, which may increase the priority of finding a resolution.